Leo Elders

Jörgen Vijgen

Leo Elders (Enkhuizen (NL) - °1926)

Fellow of the Pontifical Academy of Saint Thomas Aquinas

President of the Dutch Thomas Society





  • 1944-1945: Private courses in philosophy and Spanish
  • 1945-1952: Courses in philosophy and theology at the houses of studies of the Societas Verbi Divini in Helvoirt en Teteringen (Netherlands) and in Sankt-Augustin (Germany)
  • 1952-1954: Courses in philosophy, Spanish and Italian at the University of Utrecht earning a bachelor degree in philosophy.
  • 28 february 1953: ORDINATION
  • 1954-1959: Teaches Greek and Latin at the minor seminary of Mont-Saint-Jean-Baptist in Granby P.Q. (Canada). Courses in philosophy: first at Harvard University (USA) where Werner Jaeger suggests to work on book X of Aristotle's Metaphysics, than at the University of Montreal (Canada), earning an MA and PhD in Philosophy in 1959 under Vianney Décarie. It was published in 1961 under the title Aristotle's Theory of the One. A Commentary on Book X of the Metaphysics.
  • 1959-1971: University Nanzan in Nagoya (Japan). In 1966 earned a full professorship in the chair of ancient and medieval philosophy. In 1967 became a  member of the commission for academic nominations and of the Senate. In 1969 elected dean of the philosophy department and appointed rector of the Major Seminary of Nagoya (Theology Faculty of the University Nanzan).
  • 1971-1976: Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Vatican). Undersecretary at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Doctrinal Section) at the Vatican. From 1972  professor of philosophy at the Lateran University, responsible for the courses of metaphysics and history of Greek philosophy; also taught at the Angelicum. In 1973 became assistant-secretary of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.
  • 1976- present: Grootseminarie Rolduc : professor of philosophy at the Major Seminary Rolduc (Kerkrade/Netherlands).
  • 1977-1978: associate professor at the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule SVD in Sankt-Augustin (Germany).
  • Since 1979: Fellow of the Pontifical Academy of Saint Thomas Aquinas
  • 1981-1987: visiting professor at the Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of Texas in Houston (USA)
  • 1981-present: visiting professor at the Faculté libre de philosophie comparée in Paris: chair of metaphysics since 1990. (France)
  • 1988-heden: Staatlich anerkannte Hochschule Gustav-Siewerth-Akademie at Weilheim-Bierbronnen (Germany): the chair of history of philosophy and member of the Senate.
  • 1989- present: visiting professorat the  University of Navarra, Pamplona (Spain)
  • 1993-1999: visiting professor Studium Notre-Dame-de-Vie, Venasque (France)
  • 1998-present: Filosofisch-Theologisch Instituut St. Willibrord : professor of philosophy at the Major Seminary te Vogelenzang (Netherlands)
  • November 5, 2005: Life Time Achievement Award 2006, American Maritain Association.

Leo Elders has presented papers and has given courses and lectures at several universities and institutes. Among others: Fu Jen University in Taipeh (Taiwan-2002), School of Philosophy of the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C (USA), the Thomistic Institute at the Jacques Maritain Center at the University of Notre Dame (USA), de Universidad Católica de Argentina in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1988, 1990); Universidad Católica de La Plata; Universidad Católica Gabriela Mistral in Santiago de Chili (Chili) ; Universidad Católica in Valparaiso (Chili-1991), Universidad Santo Tomás (Chili-2005, 2007), Universität von Bamberg (Germany-1987, 1991), Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), Université d'Ottowa (Canada-1992), Catholic University of Lublin (Poland-1996), Universidad Catolica de Murcia (Spain-2003), Pontificia Facultat de Teología de Lima (Peru-1994), Universidad del Salvador (Argentina), participant at the Semana Tomista (Argentina-1982, 1988, 1990, 1994, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007), Abbaye Sept-Fons (France-2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), Abbaye de Fontgombault, Abbaye de Barroux (2011), Abbaye Saint-Joseph de Clairval (Flavigny), Abtei Mariawald (2011).

He is on the editorial board of the journals Sapientia (Buenos Aires), Intus-Legere. Anuario de Filosofia (Vina del Mar) and of the series Quaestiones Thomisticae (Bonn).

Areas of research

Every aspect of St. Thomas' philosophy and theology. Particular emphasis lies on:

Aristotle, especially in relation to St. Thomas' commentaries

The sources of the thought of St. Thomas

The metaphysics of St. Thomas

The philosophy of nature of St. Thomas

The ethics of St. Thomas

The theology of St. Thomas in relation to his philosophy

The relation between religions and truth


Catalunya cristiana nr. 248, 1984: Ciencia y fe, hoy: Entrevista con el profesor Leo Elders. (M. Artigas)

Website www.thomasinstituut.org Utrecht: Aquinas can help us to find our bearings amidst today´s confusion (C. Leget) (placed on the website January 16, 1999).

L’homme nouveau, nr. 1359, December 2005: Entretien avec le père Leo J. Elders .

Website www.aquinate.net 2006: Leo Elders: Por que estudar São Tomás de Aquino Hoje? (P. Faitanin)


A complete bibliography from 1961 until August 2003 appeared in the Festschrift: Indubitanter ad veritatem. Studies offered to Leo J. Elders SVD in Honor of the Golden Jubilee of his Ordination to the Priesthood, J. VIJGEN (ed.), Damon, Budel, 2003, pp. 29-43.

Download here his updated bibliography


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Contributions to collective works (since 1999):

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